Britain’s Got Talent star Jimmy Tamley slams bosses in huge rant over Simon Cowell drama: ‘They threw me under the bus!’

After Simon Cowell stormed off the Britain Got Talent stage, ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley has claimed he was ‘thrown under the bus’ by producers.
Last Thursday, Jimmy brought a reluctant Simon and David Walliams up on stage, pressuring the music mogul to perform the can-can, which went as well as expected.
While it appeared the 59-year-old father-of-one ran off stage in huff, a source told he was battling a ski injury from a recent holiday.
In a lengthy Facebook post, Jimmy praised backstage staff and explained they backed him all the way when he came off stage gutted with his semi-final performance, but he slammed bosses for keeping Simon’s injury a secret knowing full well what was in store. Subsequently, fans were furious with BGT producers for denying Jimmy a fair chance.
In a humongous rant, Jimmy wrote: ‘I honestly wasn’t expecting the fiasco that unfolded on Thursday night.

‘When I was invited to enter BGT series 13, I was under no illusion that curve balls potentially would be coming my way, having had previous experience of this with BGT.’
Jimmy explained he threatened to boycott that night’s result show until his family convinced him to put on a brave smile and face the music.
‘I was livid at the producers, and told them in no uncertain terms I wanted to leave, and would not go on for the results bit, despite people voting for me,’ he wrote. ‘They were very sympathetic saying, Simon was an idiot and that I’d come good from all this.’ have reached out to Britain’s Got Talent for comment.
War veteran Colin Thackery eventually won Britain’s Got Talent with more than 25 percent of the final vote, bagging £250,000 which he plans to donate to charity and his grandchildren.

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