Make Money Fast – Simple Trading Tips To Build Real Wealth

If you are trading and want to make money fast then the simple tips below will help you build real wealth.

They will increase your profit potential and can be used by any trader novice or pro to enhance their trading. In no particular order of importance – here are your tips to make money fast

1. Accept Responsibility

You and you alone are responsible for your financial future success and it cannot be given to you by anyone else – You have to take it and accept responsibility.

2. Do your homework

Make sure you know the background and mechanics of what you are trading.

3. Use leverage!

A major component of making money fast is making your invested funds work many times over.

Look at currency and futures markets as ideal investments to achieve this, via huge leverage.

4. Use a simple technical method to trade.

Simple trading methods work better than complicated ones and are more robust in the face of brutal market conditions.

5. Don’t use predictive technical analysis

You cant predict market tops and bottoms so don’t try. Use a method that works on confirmation of trends such as a breakout method.

6. Use filters

Two of the best are the stochastic indicator and Bollinger band. Use these with a breakout method and they give you a powerful combination for seeking big gains.

7. Trade long term!

When trading a trending market you are after the big trends that give the big profits. Don’t day trade unless you want to lose all your money, the odds favour long term trading so focus on them only.

8. Don’t trade frequently

The best trends only come a few times a year so wait for them. This will ensure you don’t waste money on low odds trades that will lose you money or provide small profits.

9. Have courage to accept large gains

Most traders simply can’t hold long term trends for maximum profits.

As soon as they see a profit they want to snatch it – If you do this you will never cover your inevitable losses. You should aim for winning trades 10 times the size of your losers.

You need strong nerves and resolve to hang onto the big trades as corrections eat into your open profit. When they do focus on the long term and don’t snatch early.

10. Don’t diversify

Were all told to do this but it simply dilutes gains that can be made and is for losers or traders who don’t have confidence in what they are doing.

Don’t do it – hit the big trends for all there worth. If you have courage and the odds are in your favour go for it.

11. Place stops before you enter trade

Place your stop immediately you take a trade so you are not tempted to let the trade run into an even bigger loss.

12. Take calculated risks

Risk 10 -20% of your equity on trades you really think will move.

If you are not prepared to take a risk then find another business.

Many traders take such small risks they are bound to be stopped out by market noise.

By avoiding risk they in fact create it, don’t fall into this trap.

Now for the hard bit

So there you have 12 tips that will help you make money fast.

Many are the total opposite of normal investment wisdom (don’t let that put you have 90% of traders lose) so doing the opposite here is a good idea.

Making money fast in trading is all about attitude and its not easy as easy as it sounds to get the mindset to follow the above.

Here are the traits you need to acquire and adhere to make money fast in the above way:

1. Accept responsibility

2. Work smart Not hard

3. Have courage and confidence

4. Keep your focus and your discipline

5. Trade in isolation

6. Have patience

Learn and apply all of the above and you could soon be making money fast in financial markets. Good luck!

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