To Reach Your Goal Of Making A Million Dollars, You Must Stay Laser Focused

The only way to reach a goal is to continue to work hard with determination and tenacity until you reach it. Think of it as a race, the faster you run (the more money you save and invest) the quicker you reach the finish (the quicker you have a million dollars). Pace yourself, we learned from Aesop that slow and steady wins the race. Don’t sprint for a week and give up because you are tired, stick with it. Find a pace a saving consistently that you can stick to. Start out with a small percentage of your income and increase it gradually as you able. It is not as important to sock away $4000 dollars one day, but rather more important that you make saving and investing a regular habit. It should become just another thing that you add to your daily routine, saving money can and will become as easy as getting dressed and shaving.

Again I caution against being sporadic, stay focused on your goal, whatever it may be – getting out of debt, saving for retirement, paying for your childrens’ college education, or starting your own business. Write down that goal and place it where you will see it everyday. Post it on the refrigerator, post it on your bathroom mirror, it will be a constant reminder of what you want to accomplish. It is always easier to strive for things we can visually see. Visualize yourself once you reach your goal, think of the satisfaction and joy that you will feel. Stay laser-focused, eyes on the prize. Dangle that carrot just out of your grasp so you stay determined and stay the course. If you find yourself losing motivation, talk with others with similar goals, share your thoughts and feelings. Communicating with people who have similar goals will pick you up and help you learn ways to deal with stress and overcome obstacles.

Never give up, never say die, take action and do it. There are no excuses, if you want to become wealthy, stop wishing and start getting rich. It is not impossible, anyone can do it, all you need is a little know how, and a lot of determination.

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